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About Us

SyriaDev is a Syrian led institution dedicated to fostering local, ethical, and effective development within Syria. Founded by Syrians residing in leading academic institutions and corporations worldwide, our centre is committed to driving positive change in our homeland. Established in Oxford, UK, in 2021, our shared passion for Syria's development fuels our collective efforts.

In a challenging environment characterized by limited access to reliable data and resources, SyriaDev serves as a beacon of hope. We empower local communities, non-governmental actors, public decision-makers, and business leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate complex development challenges. Our focus on ethical practices ensures that interventions are not only well-informed but also sensitive to the needs and aspirations of Syria's diverse population.

At SyriaDev, we believe in the power of local solutions. Through our suite of services, including knowledge management, institutional entrepreneurship, and data management and GIS solutions, we empower local institutions to drive sustainable development initiatives tailored to Syria's unique context.

Together, we are forging a path towards a brighter future for Syria—one built on principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical practice. Join us in our mission to build a more resilient and prosperous Syria for generations to come.

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