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Our Process

Acquire - Analyse - Advise - Achieve


Procuring Data & Building Evidence-Bases

Our flagship product is data. As Syrians with a thorough and proven understanding of our contexts and wide reaching networks, we are able to ethically and effectively source local polling, on-the-ground monitoring, social-economic context, local governance, and geospatial data.
Tailored to your specific objectives, we will build an evidence-base for your intervention. By partnering with our clients, we provide specific local data that will reduce risk and uncover root causes.


Research & Reporting

With research and analysis skills honed at the premier universities, think tanks, and consulting institutions in the world, our team analyse your data to meet your objectives and exceed expectations. Ask for a sample! We specialise in data processing, insights, theory of change assessments and modelling, indicator identification, formulation, and measurement.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Our team is experienced at advising at the highest levels. We are efficient and effective in delivering the highest quality reporting and result communication, organisational development strategy, readiness recommendations, and appraising monitoring capacities.


Mapping & Visualisation

Beyond reporting and strategy, does your data tell a story? Let us help you map it out. Our team boasts extensive in-house expertise in geographical information system (GIS). In addition to sourcing geospatial data, through our partners we can utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address the gaps in spatial data inherent to the region. Explore with us how we can produce in-depth interactive mapping, GIS analysis, data visualisation and integration, and visibility assessments with your data.

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